Such a small word
Lost its meaning
But it’s all I can say
Are just letters
Without actions
No one believes them
Just know my heart
Is always attached

You asked
why my ink ran dry
Yet frowned upon
My feelings
When they didn’t
Spill perfection


I didn’t disappear
Just got lost
In the words
I told myself

Happy birthday to me ^.^ !

Happy birthday to me ^.^ !

Stress is a word
I use to often
Worry never seems
To far
With your name
At the end. ….
And it hurts
So fucking much
We argue about who was
Who was the loudest
Your eyes are shut
My hearts a never ending
Cycle of love
That can’t seem
To take a breath
Before it drowns
In making sure your needs
Are taken care of
I forgot what the inside of
My palms look like
all I see is the scars, burns
On your left hand
That I could never
Repair now matter how many
Times I kissed it

Gaining weight: )!

Gaining weight: )!


I guess we all get lonely
Some just
Write about it
On scrap paper hidden from the world
Engraved In their arms
Covered with long sleeve shirts
We all get lonely
Reach out
Afraid of rejection
Unable to handle disappointment
So we hide
In the comfort of the darkness
We created
On our loneliest

I’ve become fascinated
With self hatred
Intertwined with these
Barbed and rusted
Needles ripping me
As they spill from your mouth.
The decay that festers
Underneath the flesh
As blood drips black
And is stripped from my soul
I am deaf from the sound of
Metal scrapping against me
Everything turns

Written by @robot-rokz

Bright screen
My fingers can’t pull the trigger
To create words
Into this digital
I was never good with words
To something

I write
My feelings
For being human